Hi, I’m Chris and my company, MCI, has been waiting for the material to build this website for over two years. We are still waiting, so we thought we would share with you the secrets that make this garage stand out far above the rest.

First and foremost, there is Andy. Andy is the owner and the most knowledgeable car enthusiast I have ever met. Andy is the only male among the four senior members of staff so he thinks he is in charge but actually isn’t. Why?

Well secondly there is Sheila, his Mother in Law, who is in charge. Then there is Shelley his wife, who is in charge of Andy if not her mother, and finally Donna, lead mechanic, who is Andy’s sister in law and Shelley’s sister; she also thinks she is in charge but Mum would disagree!

What has this got to do with a good garage?

Knowledge, friendly service, and a team of people led by the four above, who really do know that the success of their business is totally dependent on how well they do their jobs and treat their customers.

What can they do for you? If you have a car or light commercial vehicle everything; from routine MOT’s , servicing and maintenance, to major rebuilds. If your vehicle is unfortunate enough to need body repairs the experts in their body shop will return to you a car that looks like new. If you are lucky enough to own a heritage car that really needs loving attention Andy has plenty of pictures he can show you demonstrating the teams abilities, (I recently saw a lovely old Lanchester that had just emerged from the paint shop looking immaculate).

I will carry on waiting for the details we need to build the site but in the meantime if you need help with your vehicle you can do no better than to give them a call.

01489 893398

If they are busy out in the yard (as they frequently are) please leave a message on the machine and they will get back to you as soon as possible. If the answering machine is on it doesn't mean they aren't there, just busy!

If you want to write to them their address is:

Unit 1-3
Lower Chase Road
Swanmore Business Park,
SO32 2PB

Or you can fax them on: 01489 893390

And last, but not least you can email Andy at info@motorsportservices.biz.